Teen Anger Control

This program offered since 2005 is for those teens specifically referred to Kids “N” Crime for behavior indicative of anger and aggression. In the US over the past decade more and more young men and women are appearing in juvenile court for acts of anger and aggression.

For many teenagers anger and “hair trigger” tempers are accepted as “that’s just how I am”. Nothing could be further from the truth. This program focuses on teens who may have anger control problems which are compounded by lack of understanding the emotion of anger. This class clearly defines anger and the courses for aggressive behavior.

Many myths regarding anger “it is inherited”, ” there is nothing I can do” are quickly dispelled. Students in this class learn that we all have the emotion of anger and for a specific reason and that anger like many human emotions can be controlled. Students learn that the important thing is to control their anger before it “controls them”. Instructors carefully point out how other emotions such as grief, depression, loneliness if left unresolved can evolve into angry violent behavior.

The role of “self esteem” is also discussed in terms of it’s connection to anger. The primary goal in this program is to show students that anger is a natural emotion and can be successfully controlled once one understands it.

You can register for our classes by emailing us at contactknc@kidsncrime.com, by fax at 714-637-8606, or by calling us at 714-637-2306.