Parent / Teen Conflict Resolution (Parent Class Only)

Many homes and families experience challenges and emotional upheaval as children enter their teenage years.  Teens today have many challenges, and problems that previous generations did not have. Peer pressure issues, drug use and gang involvement are far different today than years before.

Parents having ongoing arguments and conflict with their teens feel helpless.  Many feel they have lost parental rights and are at a loss how to maintain control or “take it back”.  When this conflict exists in a home all family members including siblings and even grandparents suffer.

This conflict resolution class helps parents understand their rights and choices in disciplining their teens.  If drugs and alcohol is an issue parents will have good understanding of what common street drugs look like and how they impact the body, emotions and behaviors. They will also gain a better understanding of the juvenile court and probation department, as well as insight into teen depression & suicidal ideation.

If a teen is becoming angry, aggressive and even violent parents will learn where to turn to and what to do.

* This class is available to organizations or agencies that ensure attendance by groups of 10 or more parents. It is scheduled on an “as needed” basis.