When Teens Are Arrested!


When a teenager is arrested, it’s not uncommon for families to be thrown into an anxiety driven panic.

Parents blame each other and siblings become angry because all attention is focused on their brother or sister.

Through years of working with these families, practitioners have learned that the more that is known about the Juvenile Justice System, the less anxiety and trauma is felt in the home.

Understanding what may happen step by step will help to prepare families should their child be arrested.

The information provided while not Legal Advice, is a comprehensive summary of the Juvenile Justice process and Probation services, that provides hope for the future.

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Teens, Drugs and Crime


One of the greatest threats to the lives of teenagers in nearly every country throughout the world is illegal drugs .

Profits for drug dealers exceed billions of dollars worldwide and the cost to families in the U.S. is in the thousands of lives lost. No family regardless of race, income, education or a parent’s profession, can guarantee their children will not experiment with illegal drugs.

Studies show that in the U.S. first experimentation for many minors begins before they enter Junior High School. The absolute best protection for parents to help prevent their children from trying drugs or worse yet becoming addicted, is to be educated regarding the drugs our kids are exposed to.

Teens Drugs and Crime gives detailed, pictured descriptions of common street drugs, symptoms of use and true stories of teen drug use. This book is for all parents, and will help provide the best weapon of defense……knowledge.

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Striking Out – Teenage Anger & Violence


Each year thousands of American Teens are arrested for acts of violence. The victims of such violence may be strangers, friends or often family members.

Anger is one of the most misunderstood, yet damaging of human emotions. Withheld anger can be a ticking time bomb and often times the reasons and warning signs are not realized until after an explosion occurs.

The more one knows about the early warning signs of growing anger in our teens, the greater the chances are to avoid serious consequences.

This publication will teach you more about anger, why we feel it and how teens can control it. If you don’t control anger, anger will control you.

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