Due to those restrictions still remaining from COVID 19 and as a result of those requests that have been made for the resumption of our classes, Kids N Crime will be providing remote client services utilizing the Zoom virtual meeting platform. The first class has been scheduled for June 13, 2020 with more dates to follow.

Welcome to KidsNCrime

Kids “N” Crime was founded by Ron Laursen in 2002. Mr. Laursen is a retired 35 year veteran of the Orange County Probation Department in Orange California.

The goal of Kids “N” Crime initial class, Legal Awareness was to provide a second chance for young people arrested on criminal offenses for the first time, or teens considered “at risk” for problems at school, drug and alcohol use, gang membership or out of control behaviors at home

In 2003 Kids “N” Crime offered one of the first Anger Control Education classes for teenagers in Southern California. These classes were developed in response to requests from law enforcement, parents and educators and was designed to help angry teens recognize what anger is, and learn methods to control it.

In late 2003 Kids “N” Crime contracted with the Orange County Department of Education to provide classes for teens’ that had been removed from main stream high schools for truancy, drug or aggressive behavior.

By 2011 Kids “N” Crime had provided help to over 10,000 teens and families experiencing problems or who found themselves in crisis for a variety of reasons.

Kids “N” Crime now offers the following classes: Legal Awareness, Anger Control, Drug and Alcohol Education, Teens “N” Cars, Shoplifting/Petty Theft, Teens “N” Truancy and Teen DUI in addition to the following parenting classes: Drug Education for Parents, Understanding the Angry Teen and Parent/Teen Conflict Resolution.

Referrals are accepted from anyone in need of help dealing with the problems and crisis of today teenagers.