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KidsNCrime offers several classes to help and educate you and your teen.

Anger Control

Anger is the most misunderstood of all emotions, however, contrary to popular opinion anger and violence are not inherited but are learned and often used as a way of getting what one wants. Uncontrolled anger has serious consequences and this class focuses on how anger is controlled.

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Respecting Sexual Boundaries

This class is geared toward those minors who are not necessarily sexual predators but those who have “crossed the line” through inappropriate touching, “sexting” of photos, etc.

Legal Awareness

This class focuses on the juvenile legal system and the consequences to violations of the law.

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Teens “N” Cars

Car collisions remain the number one cause of teenage deaths in the U.S. Learn what it takes to be a safer and more conscientious. Learn the consequences of driving violations and how to avoid them.

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Drugs and Alcohol

Drug and alcohol experimentation is now believed to begin as early as 11 years of age. It is one of the major problems and sources of social and physiological downfalls for American teens. Learn the consequences of drug and alchohol use, abuse and addiction.

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Shoplifting/Petty Theft

A common offense committed by many teens, with far reaching consequences for our economy and retail customers.

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Teens “N” Truancy

A habitual problem for many teens, and a problem that is connected to crime and economic dependency as an adult.

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Conflict Resolution: (Parent Class Only)

Conflicts between parents and teens have become a leading source of family problems and deterioration in the United States today. This class offers parents the opportunity to learn how to set parameters and take back control.

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Drug Education for Parents (Parent Class Only)

As teens become increasingly sophisticated in the use of illegal drugs, parents remain essentially unaware of whether their son or daughter may be experimenting with or about to become involved in the use of drugs or alcohol. This class will teach parents what kind of drugs are popular today and what symptomology to look for when determining if their teen is involved in substance abuse.

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Understanding the Angry Teen (Parent Class Only)

This class will help parents to understand the root causes of anger, the triggers for anger and the connection between anger and depression, as well as other acting out behaviors. Suggestions for anger control will also be explored.

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Parent’s Rights & Responsibilities (Parent Class Only)

Many parents are either confused or simply do not understand what rights they have in dealing with their teenage children when conflict arises  in the home. Additionally, many parents aren’t really sure what their legal and moral responsibilities entail. Common concerns are:

  1. What rights do parents have when it comes to setting rules, disciplining, and holding their teen accountable?
  2. What does the law require parents to provide for their teens?
  3. What can parents do if an argument turns violent?
  4. What are parental responsibilities for a teen who refuses to attend school?

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