Teens N’ Cars

This course focuses on the risks and responsibilities of driving.

  • Why driving is a privilege not a right
  • Driving behavior that puts you at risk
  • How drugs and alcohol impact driving
  • How DMV, law enforcement, and courts view teen drivers.
  • How to change bad driving habits, avoid collisions, and reduce traffic tickets

Teens N’ Cars Program

Car collisions are the number one cause of teen deaths in the U.S. Thousands of teens are killed each year yet families are left wondering why. Mile for mile, teen drivers are four times more likely to have collisions than other drivers.

Teens “N” Cars was not designed to be a substitute for drivers’ education programs which in most areas are no longer part of school curriculums. Instead this 6 hour program focuses on not only the risks of driving but the responsibilities as well. The class also educates teens on how to be safer drivers which can help reduce collisions and traffic tickets.

  • Saturday classes via Zoom
  • Completion certificate provided
  • 5-hour course


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