Drugs and Alcohol

This course is for teens specifically referred to Kids N' Crime for Drug or Alcohol use and abuse.

  • Legal and other consequences to drug abuse
  • How drugs/alcohol effect the body
  • The difference between experimentation, abuse and addiction
  • The truth about common drugs dispelling the myths
  • The recovery process, it lasts a life time – learn why

Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Teen drug use continues to be of epidemic proportions in the U.S. every year.

Kids “N” Crime believes if we are going to impact teen drug use we need to look beyond the reasons why teenagers experiment with drugs and alcohol. It is equally important to educate parents and teens about the physical, psychological and social impact of drug use. Students will have the opportunity to learn about the chemicals involved in the more common drugs of choice; how they impact the body and what continued use may lead to. As a result, we hope to imprint the idea that drug and alcohol use not only impacts a teenager’s present but their future as well.

  • Saturday classes via Zoom
  • Completion certificate provided
  • 5-hour course


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