Drug and Alcohol Awareness

Teen drug use continues to be of epidemic proportions in the U.S. every year.

The media has not adequately focused on the reasons “why” to early drug experimentation by teens, but has chosen to show individuals who have reached the stage of addiction, intervention and rehabilitation.

Kids “N” Crime believes if we are going to impact teen drug use we need to look not only at the reasons teens turn to drugs but we need to educate teens and parents about the physical, psychological and social impact of drug use.  Drug abuse not only impacts a teens present but their future as well.

Students have this opportunity in Drug and Alcohol Awareness class to learn about the chemicals involved in the more common drugs of choice; how they impact the body and what continued use may lead to.  Through discussion, power point  materials, instructors expertise and guest speakers who are recovering addicts, teens gain a clear picture of where drug use can lead and how lives have been ruined and lost though drug use.

Topics Covered:

  • Legal and other consequences to drug abuse
  • How drugs/alcohol effect the body
  • The difference between experimentation, abuse and addiction
  • The truth about common drugs dispelling the myths
  • The recovery process, it last a life time – learn why