Legal Awareness Program

The Legal Awareness program was Kids “N” Crime first program when it began in 2002.
This program was designed to provide a second chance for young men and women arrested for criminal offenses and teens considered “at risk” for their behaviors at school, drug and alcohol use, gang activities and destructive “out of control” behavior at home.

The primary goal of the Legal Awareness program is to get students to think about consequences to the various types of activities they are involved in. A major emphasis is based on the fact that behavior today can impact even restrict a students goals, plans or dreams for the future.

Every year in the US thousands of teenagers enter the juvenile justice system. Many of these teens will struggle with a “criminal” record the rest of their lives, limiting their plans and dreams re: education, career choices, etc. The Legal Awareness program emphasizes the importance of making good choices and taking responsibilities for their actions whether that be at home, school or in the community.

Guest speakers address these classes and are specifically selected because of their early history of criminal offenses, drug and alcohol abuse, gang membership etc. These speakers candidly share their experiences “on the streets” as well as in US jails and prisons. Each speaker demonstrates the “unnecessary” struggle to regain their position in society. These guest speakers are today success stories having “hit bottom” and struggled to arrive at the “top” as respected members in their community.

  • Making positive choices
  • Taking responsibility for self, family, and community
  • An overview of the Juvenile Justice system from arrest and Court process to probation and incarceration.
  • Respect for self and others
  • Drugs and alcohol and its affect on your body, life and future.
  • Anger what is it and how to control it.